About the U.S.-Africa Initiative in Electronic Structure

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The U.S.– Africa Initiative in Electronic Structure (USAfri) aims to create a platform for exchange between African and U.S. physicists with opportunities to have a major impact on research and education in Africa. Electronic Structure is a natural choice because it is an essential part of research with applications in many fields, and there is a network of capable researchers in Africa generated by sustained efforts over the past 10 years.

American Physical Society Innovation Fund The U.S.-Africa Initiative in Electronic Structure is supported by of the Innovation Fund of the American Physical Society:

Announcement of the USAPS Innovation Fund: Inaugural Winners Selected, August/September 2019 (Volume 28, Number 8)

USAfri is partnering with several groups focused on physics in Africa:

For 2021-2022, USAfri is developing two workshops, one where participants meet one another virtually to identify common interests, and one a year later in the U.S. followed by individual visits of Africans to research groups and user facilities in the U.S. to further develop potential working relationships.

The USAfrica Initiative Project Leaders are:

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