Update June 27, 2021 : Wrapup of USAfrI Workshop

The first USAfri Workshop included more 120 participants from more than 50 institutions in Africa, the US, and Canada. Thanks to all the participants, poster presenters, speakers, and sponsors for such a dynamic workshop.

We’ll be updating the livestreamed recordings of the talks on YouTube and links to the presentation slides, when available.

If you were a participant: we will email you a list of participants’ contact information soon.

Update June 4, 2021 : USAfrI Pre-Workshop Short Program

YouTube recording of Mr. Zhen Zhang from Columbia University (New York, USA) giving a talk on how to calculate “anharmonic properties” of materials.

Update April 20, 2021 : Peer Program to Connect Young Researchers

Find peers researching Electronic Structure!

We are starting a Peer Program to help connect young researchers in Africa and the US. Our hope is that peers will meet virtually to discuss their research interests with people outside of their usual circle.

Peer meet-ups will run from March 15, 2021 to June 30, 2021, after the APS 2021 March Meeting mini-workshop and the planned workshop planned at EAIFR June 14-18, 2021. Peer meet-ups can be conducted over the phone or virtually. We also plan to host monthly meet-ups for all peers.

Please submit information about yourself and your interests using the webform to sign up for the Peer Program. We plan to host our first virtual social after the APS 2021 March Meeting mini workshop.

About the U.S.-Africa Initiative in Electronic Structure

American Physical Society The U.S.– Africa Initiative in Electronic Structure (USAfri) aims to create a platform for exchange between African and U.S. physicists with opportunities to have a major impact on research and education in Africa. Electronic Structure is a natural choice because it is an essential part of research with applications in many fields, and there is a network of capable researchers in Africa generated by sustained efforts over the past 10 years.

American Physical Society Innovation Fund The U.S.-Africa Initiative in Electronic Structure is supported by of the Innovation Fund of the American Physical Society: Inaugural Winners Selected Fall 2019 (Volume 28, Number 8)

USAfri is partnering with several groups focused on physics in Africa:

For 2021-2022, USAfri is developing two workshops, a mini-workshop at the APS 2021 March Meeting one where participants meet one another virtually to identify common interests, and one in June 2022, to be followed by individual visits of Africans to research groups and user facilities in the U.S. to further develop potential working relationships.

The USAfrica Initiative Project Leaders are:

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